Good fabrics must withstand a great deal –
not least the trials of everyday life.

We know what a fabric needs to do –
and manufacture it accordingly.

We’re only happy
if you are too.

Its use in everyday situations is the best way of knowing how good a fabric really is. After all, it needs to do more than just look good. That’s why, since around 2007, we’ve been producing flame-resistant Trevira CS fabrics and many other fabrics with outstanding material properties.

We’re proud that our products are „made in Germany” –
and so are our customers. All over the world.

We don’t just uphold the longstanding traditions of our company and the local region, we acitvely continue them. Only then can the quality ideal of „made in Germany” be assured both now and in the future – to our customers’ satisfaction.

All of our goods are made entirely in Germany. This mark of quality makes them what they are: fabrics produced by people who love textiles and know exactly what is required of them.