It is the fabrics
that flatter us.

Cover fabrics are more than just textiles –
to look at and to touch.


Chenille fabrics

Flat-woven material


We offer a wide range of unis and faux unis in varying styles – as flat-woven material with and without chenille yarn, with bouclé, mouliné or other fancy yarns, and always matching our patterned designs. All our unis/faux unis are woven in colour (not piece-dyed or printed), making them of very high quality and great appeal.

Arizona 260150/10

Sempach 180352/869

York uni 137418/86

Burton 110354/12

Chenille fabrics

Chenille fabrics are used as weft yarns in this velvety, soft flat-woven material. These yarns consist of two threads twisted together with inserted pile fibres, giving this flat-woven material its high level of wear resistance. Chenille products are admired for their appearance and pleasant touch.

Glasgow 250300/91

Pfarrkirchen 310211/54

Gibraltar 260287/63

Gronau 260254/83

Flat-woven material

A distinction is made between dobby weave and Jacquard fabrics. The Jacquard technique makes multicoloured and large repeat pattern designs possible. We manufacture only premium Jacquard fabrics in our high-tech production facilities. This makes it possible to produce patterns tailored to specific customer requirements.

Blackburn 180353/98

Metz Streifen 260341/21

Beilngrieß 920162/42

Neapel 201004/17

Stylistic fabrics

Flame-resistant fabrics

Decorative fabrics

Stylistic fabrics


Stylistic fabrics are classical woven furnishing fabrics. Produced using modern technology, they imitate the patterns and colours of specific stylistic periods (e.g. baroque, art nouveau, Bauhaus). They include tapestries, damasks and Biedermeier stripes. We offer a large number of stylistic fabrics in our collection.

Vlotho 110454/112

Selva 137387/27

Macello 201046/91

Marlia 207016/70

Flame-resistant fabrics

Comfort and safety – the combination of the two most important requirements for home textiles – are offered by fabrics produced from flame-resistant Trevira fibres and yarns. Textiles made from these fibres and yarns bear the Trevira CS® logo and are permanently flame-resistant. Our Trevira CS fabrics comply with standards DIN 4102 B1 and DIN EN 1021. The flame-resistant Trevira fibres and filaments are also certified according to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. In other words, they’re ideal for all spaces.



Nauen Karo 823083/15

Weida Blume 826130/35

Nero Raute 811019/110

Nordenham 823070/54

Decorative fabrics

In the broadest sense, decorative fabrics are all curtain and wall covering fabrics used as décor in a room. Our decorative fabrics are ideal for cushions and table linen as they are made entirely from polyester and can therefore be washed.

Oslo 110298/16

York 137415/86

Olching 110262/10

Oppland 150306/55