We generate
our energy ourselves.

To save energy costs, our roof was refurbished and extensively insulated in 2011. In 2015, we also added a photovoltaic installation that supplies valuable energy and reduces carbon emissions.

We do all this because we firmly believe in acting responsibly – for our products and tomorrow’s world.



For us, sustainability is
more than just a word.

We recycle and reuse all our waste materials (bobbins, fabric and yarn scraps or cardboard packaging). In doing so, we do not use any chemicals.

All aspects of production that we outsource (e.g. dying, finishing, procurement of raw and auxiliary materials) are carried out within the region. This saves on long and expensive transport routes, ensures top flexibility and protects the environment.

We purchase the majority of our yarns in Upper Franconia, fully in tune with our aim to „think global, act local”.



We want to do good.
For our customers,
and to people in need.

Therefore we support Aktion Mensch, an social organization, that has been helping the needy for more than 50 years by selling charity lottery tickets.

So instead of giving christmas presents to our customers, we prefer buying Aktion Mensch lottery tickets, thus supporting numerous social projects.

Aktion Mensch-Siegel

We love nature.
And we make sure this is reflected in our work.

Sustainability is a key issue in the manufacture of our environmentally-friendly products. For us, resource conservation is both an active form of environmental protection and a responsible way of handling the materials used in our products.